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Infused with the wisdom of your Soul & the guidance of the Universe, your Astrological Birth Chart is one of the most eye-opening and transformative tools for self-awareness, self-alignment, and self-growth.


Encoded with the language of the Stars at the exact moment you were born, the signs, symbols, and placements in your Chart together reveal a map of your unique energetic vibration. Your personality & your emotions, your mind & your heart, your purpose & your passions, your light & your shadows, your past karma & your future destiny - and so much more - are all encompassed within this beautiful gift from the Cosmos.

By studying its intricacies and unraveling its mysteries, you become awakened to the innermost and outermost dimensions of yourself. With this level of self-awareness, you learn to live in flow with your natural essence and you start to align your energy with the highest vibration of You. In this state of cosmic consciousness, your path becomes clearer and your dreams draw nearer.

Imagine the kind of life you could create if you had the power to fully know yourself and the confidence to fully be yourself. That is just the foundation of what understanding your Birth Chart can do for you.


If you are ready to embark on this transformative journey of self-awakening, then an in-depth Birth Chart is the perfect place to start.

Birth Chart + Energy Reading


All readings are done live via Zoom

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