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Custom spread & personalized reading to harness the energy of the current Eclipse Season for guidance, clarity, confirmation, & direction.


All readings are done with loving intention in a sacred space.


Because everything is energy, and intention is everything, there is no need for you to be physically present for the reading. I will virtually tap into your energy field, call upon your spirit guides, and channel messages through the cards from your Higher Self.


✨ In the sacred space, I clear the energy and set the intention to tap into your energy field for guidance, clarity, & direction.

✨ I call upon your Spirit Guides to join me in the space and grant me access to the wisdom of your Higher Self.

✨ I merge your energy with the cards and use them as a portal for channeling any messages you need to hear.

✨ I record the channeled message (usually about 15 minutes long) and send it to you, along with pictures & videos of the spread, with the intention that it will serve your highest good.

All that is asked of you is to be open to receive and trust that whatever comes through is meant for you.



Tarot Reading - Eclipse Season Special

$55.00 Regular Price
$44.00Sale Price
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