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I did it. I made it. Accomplished my goal.

College. Career. Apartment of my own.

Money. Success. Achievements to show.

I have it. I earned it. Why do I feel low?

Something is missing from inside my soul.

Pressure to hustle is taking a toll.

A focus on things is creating a hole.

Corporate cubicles have no room to grow.

Not money, but mind is where focus should go.

I have to let go to create a new flow.

And follow my heart to find my soul.


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Inhale. Bring awareness to your mind.

Exhale. Let go of what you find inside.

Be. Still, calm, and in the moment.

Awaken. Find your light & own it.

See. Don’t judge, just be aware.

Feel. Please treat your heart with care.

Reveal. What did you find inside?

Realize. There is no reason to hide.

Express. Your words on paper, out loud.

Speak. Your truth & have no doubt.

Believe. There’s nothing that you lack.

Trust. The universe has got your back.

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Body grounded on this rock

Mind floating up in space.

Energy flowing deep within 

Soul yearning to escape

Heart emerging from the dark

Ego fading to the back

Walls finally breaking down

Light shining through the cracks

Third Eye opening through meditation

Trust & Intuition guiding the way

Journey to Self leading to Soul

Love having the final say

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