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the access point for deep transformation, and even enlightenment

acceptance, empathy, compassion, gratitude, connection, vulnerability, trust





to see beyond humanity's differences and realize our common core

to accept others for who they are, flaws and all

to connect with your true nature and your higher self

without conditions

to be open and expansive

to see without judgment

to act without fear

to live with gratitude



all the 




inspiration & resources to come...


They teach us to have heroes

But what they forget to say

Is that each of us is a hero

In our own unique way

We may not wear a cape

Or go around saving lives

But we do get up each day

With a willingness to survive

We constantly save ourselves

From the challenges that we face

We pick ourselves back up

We make sure that we’re safe

We show up for ourselves

When no one else is there

We choose to persevere

We treat ourselves with care

You can admire other people

Don’t get me wrong

But you’ve been looking for a hero

When it’s been You all along


Put down your guard

You are not in any danger

It all happened as it should

Stop holding onto anger.

It all taught you what you needed

There is no reason to blame.

Everyone did the best they could

Just be proud that you overcame.

Stop judging, stop comparing.

Everyone has been through shit

You were given what you could handle

And you handled it with resilience

The good, the bad, the happy & sad

Each of those moments shaped you

Accept, forgive, & love yourself

Life's too beautiful to not be grateful.


Say thank you.

Say thank you.

Say thank you.

And mean it.


I used to be hurt

But I learned how to love

I used to be fearful

But I learned how to trust

I used to be angry

But I learned how to forgive

I used to be selfish

But I learned how to give

My point is that how you are now

doesn’t have to define you

If you want to make a change

Put your past behind you

Sometimes you have to lose yourself

In order to find you

The key is to open your heart

And let love guide you


Only Love is real

Cause fear is just a deal

That your ego made with your mind

To protect you from the unkind

To avoid potential pain

And to shelter you from rain

But when you run from the storm

You encourage walls to form

These walls block off your feelings

And they slow down your healing

Cause when feelings become blocked

Your heart, too, begins to lock

So by avoiding the bad

You prevent the good from being had

Without pain there can’t be pleasure

Opposites can only exist together

And when the good can’t get through

You start to believe your fears as true

You end up manifesting what you tried to avoid

Your walls get so tall, their shadows look like a void

You’ll think the darkness is your heart

And you’ll forget that from Love is from where we all start

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