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an act or moment of becoming suddenly aware of something,

like there is much more to life than what we've been taught

& true happiness can't come from things that can be bought





to feel an intense desire for freedom and fulfillment,

to escape the model that society imposes

& to live a life that you have chosen





The most important kind of freedom is to be who you are.

Not who society expects you to be.

Not who your family says you should be.

Not the labels that others see.

Not your job, or degree, or amount of money.

What you do doesn’t define your actual identity.

As a human being, your main purpose is to be.

To live, to love, to feel, to see.

To seek out all the things that make you happy.

So align, find time

It's not all about the grind.

Just chill, be still

Reclaim your free will


Why this? Why this job? Why this false sense of freedom?

Why other people, organizations, society, expectations,

dictating what I should do?

How I should live my life.

MY life.

The only one I get.

Why would I waste that

working for other people’s dreams?

What about my dreams?

I do have dreams,

don’t I?


- "Your paycheck is the bribe they give you

to forget about your dreams."


 align, find time.

It's not all about the grind.

just chill, be still.

reclaim your free will.

all the 


collective consciousness,

universal oneness,

inspiration & resources to come...

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A vision that can't be unseen

A reality that can't be dreamed

An opening that can’t be closed.

A truth that can’t be untold.

A light that can’t be dimmed.

An awareness that can only be found within.

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