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a routine of consistent actions or activities performed to cultivate physical, mental, or spiritual development 

a journey of self-exploration, self-growth, transformation, 

a ritual

facilitates the search for meaning, connection with the true Self, and union with a higher power.

a focus on the journey rather than the destination

exercising the body, training the brain, expanding the heart

 to self observe and become aware of your own nature.

practice of exploration & cultivation

open the mind & expand the heart





to perform an activity or exercise a skill repeatedly or regularly in order to improve or maintain one's proficiency

to heighten one's sense of awareness, to expand and accelerate one's awakening



meditation resources: davidji, londrelle


When I first started yoga

This was nothing but a dream

But practice makes anything possible

No matter how impossible it may seem

I’m no more flexible than last week

But I couldn’t do this then

The only difference is that then

I didn’t think I can



Yoga. Meditation.



This practice has proven to me

Over and over again

That limits only exist

When you create them in your head

So the true challenge lies

In silencing your mind

And being patient with yourself

Because everything takes time

You have all the tools you need

Now you just have to believe it

Your thoughts have so much power

Once you believe it, you will see it

all the 




inspiration & resources to come...

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